Art Exhibition: Gordon, Leytham, Brantley
Ended June 21

Featuring steel sculpture by Scott Gordon, watercolors by Tom Leytham, and oil paintings by Pennie Brantley.

Opening Reception: Friday, June 8, 5–7pm

Pennie Brantley: Roads Taken
Artist Talk: Friday, June 8, 4pm

"Perhaps ironically, my attraction to painting unpeopled structures, especially from travels to other cultures, is inspired by a keen awareness of those who have lived in or made them -- or simply the march of humanity past them over sometimes centuries. The images that stir my need to paint them have made me more intensely aware of the connectedness people share".

Tom Leytham: Hiding in Plain Sight
Artist Talk: Thursday, June 14, 5pm

"There is a mystery about ruins that invites exploration and imagination. The eye creates the hierarchy of the image to tell the story of what interests me. My hand follows my eye, repeating the visual journey through the site."

Scott Gordon: Unintended Objects

"I seldom use stock material, but prefer distressed and rusted steel that has been scarred, bent, and made imperfect. In this state, material becomes quite beautiful. There are figurative elements in my work, though I am more drawn to the non-figurative, to the raw and essential aspect of steel. The industrial purpose of steel must be considered, its use in construction, manufacturing, and war. Steel is forged with enormous energy and power. The process is violent, loud. Here, it is still and approachable."

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