Raft Races and Food Trucks! Oh My!

(Photo courtesy of Google Image Search "May 12")

The greater Woodstock, Vermont area has a palate for fun and flavorful events. Should you find yourself in Woodstock or Bridgewater this Saturday, May 12th, you will be sure to have a great time!

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Bridgewater is hosting its 44th Annual Raft Race and Sustainable Woodstock is hosting its first ever Food Truck Festival. 

The Bridgewater Raft Race had originally been scheduled to take place on the first Saturday in May, but due to the river being dangerously high it was postponed by 1 week. The Ottuaquechee River has since calmed enough for the daring contestants to take on the 3-mile river course. Traditionally this race is a fun and funky way to ring in Spring. 

The Raft Race does have a list of rules and safety expectations for contestants and spectators. As you can see the rules of the race have remained mostly the same since 1994. 

RULES OF THE RAFT RACE (Photo from Raft Race Facebook Page)

To participate you must have a handmade raft that has no motor propulsion and register by 11 am Saturday. The race begins at 12-Noon.

(Photo from Raft Race Facebook Page)

The finish line for the racers is at the Old Smoke Stack at the Bridgewater Woolen Mill. There is an awards ceremony, live music and dancing to take place at the completion of the race.

This year the Raft Race is in honor of legendary bass player, Alex Abraham. Alex is a graduate of Woodstock Union High School and former band member with Vermont Americana Folk Musician Bow Thayer. The monies that are collected this year will be donated to the Scholarship for Musical Excellence and awarded to a graduate of his alma mater, Woodstock Union High School.

Raft Race Poster - Race Date Rescheduled for May 12th (Photo from Raft Race Facebook Page)

Sustainable Woodstock is hosting East End Eats, a food truck festival taking place on Saturday, May 12th from 12-Noon until 4 pm. There will be freshly prepared foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as live music and the amazing view of the river and Billings Farm.

East End Eats (Photo courtesy from the East End Eats Facebook Page and Antonina DiNatale)

Sustainable Woodstock is a local non-profit organization dedicated to sustainability in the Woodstock area communities. The organization was founded in 2009. This year they are hosting the first-ever food truck festival to take place at the newest park in Woodstock, East End Park. Most will recognize this park at the river's edge by the former "Jungle", where the Free Parking is, across from the Laundry Room, next to Abracadabra Coffee Shop, by the old railroad turn-around station, or across from where the Wasp Diner used to be. If this doesn't make any sense at all here is a google map location so you may join the fun!

The East End Park has been a point of contention for years. It used to be the winter snow dumping location. During Hurricane Irene in 2011, this portion of the river was laden with all sorts of metal, cement, pavement, and debris carried downstream during the most devastating flood in nearly a century. Sustainable Woodstock has been working hard to revive the East End and create a beautiful green space for all to enjoy. This food truck festival is just the right way to break in the new park and let people see the hard work the group has committed to.

Sunset view from the East End Park June 10, 2017 (Photo courtesy of Lura Pratson)

Remember to enjoy yourselves and be safe as you navigate Route 4 to your fun, funky and flavorful events here in Bridgewater and Woodstock, Vermont this Saturday, May 12th!


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