Facets: Meet Suzette. People kept stealing her pets.

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Meet Suzette. People kept stealing her pets.  

Suzette was born in St. Johnsbury, but she grew up in Cabot, Vermont. She had 7 brothers and a sister. They all went to the Cabot School. Her favorite subject was English. When she wasn't in school, Suzette liked to do arts and crafts and to read. Suzette's father was abusive to everyone in the family, which has left its scars.

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Suzette's has always had a job since she was 12 years old. Her first job was babysitting. She cleaned a farmhouse regularly. She took care of a child with Cystic Fibrosis when she was a senior in high school. And she's had jobs in the bakery at Shaw's in West Lebanon, and at a dry cleaner and a pre-school in White River Junction.

Suzette was in a terrible car accident last year. She was left with a brain injury that caused her to have seizures and all sorts of neurological issues. She would stutter and forget words. Sometimes she couldn't even speak. It was horrible. But her daughter introduced her to cannabinoids, the chemical compound secreted by cannabis flowers. She swears that CBD's - as cannabinoids are commonly referred to - have saved her life. Now that she's on CBD's she rarely stutters, and she forgets a lot less. She's still not 100%. She's been talking to a lawyer.

Suzette lives in South Royalton with her husband, one of her daughters and 3 of her 5 grandchildren. Suzette works at Abby's Closet, a consignment clothing store in West Lebanon. She doesn't have any animals or pets at home because people kept stealing them. People stole 2 horses and 2 dogs from Suzette over the years. Why set yourself up for more heartbreak? Suzette is 47.

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