Facets: Meet Ron. He's been wrong about golf for all these years.

Meet Ron. He's been wrong about golf for all these years.  

Ron was born in Brattleboro but grew up in Windsor, spending all but 2 years in the Windsor public scool system. He grew up with his brother and sister, and he most loved fishing, hunting and playing baseball when he was a kid. 

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Ron's first job was working for Precision Cleaning, a residential and commercial carpet and floor cleaning company in Perkinsville, Vermont. After that, he worked for Ted Knox Tree Service in Brownsville. Then he enlisted in the Navy. Ron was assigned to Norfolk, Virginia for most of his time in the service. He did, however, get deployed to the Mediterranean Sea for 6 months and managed to set foot in Spain, Italy, France and in Mombasa, Tanzania. He served 3 years of Active Duty. When Ron left the Navy, he got a job at the VA Hospital in White River Junction and worked in Maintenance there for the next 34 years.

Ron lives in Hartford with his wife. They've been in their house for 24 years. Even though he sort of retired when he left he VA, Ron works at Fore-U Golf Center. He's the guy behind the counter who will take your money and hand you a bucket of balls. He'd always thought golf would be easy to pick up, but then he tried. He'd been wrong all these years. Ron still loves to fish and hunt. Baseball not so much. Ron is 62.

How's your golf game: non-existent

Favorite music: 1970's rock'n'roll

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