Facets: Meet Eric. If you're lucky, he'll scoop you some ice cream this summer

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Meet Eric. If you're lucky, he'll scoop you some ice cream this summer.

Eric was born in Lebanon. He grew up with his brother and sister. His family also had a dog, a cat and some chickens. Eric didn't go to public school because his parents home schooled their kids. He really enjoyed doing activities with other home schooled kids when he was younger. His parents made a big effort to plan extracurricular activities with those children. It would have been kind of lonely without those activities. Later, he loved sports, and he played soccer, skied and rowed for Lebanon High School. 

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Eric's first job was lifeguarding in Claremont. His second job was working for Fore-U in West Lebanon. He is a masterful ice cream scooper. After all, this is his third year there. When Fore-U is in full swing in the summer, there maybe as many as 20 people working there. The busiest times are weekends in the late afternoon. 

Eric lives in Plainfield. In his free time, you can find Eric doing one sport or another. Eric is 18.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Maine deer tracks (espresso ice cream laced with chocolate-coated, toffee pieces and swirled with chocolate fudge)

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