Facets: Meet Brittany. She's responsible for all the plants at Walmart.

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Meet Brittany. She’s responsible for all the plants at Walmart.  

Brittany was born in St. Johnsbury but grew up in Bradford. She has 3 brothers and a sister. Her sister and oldest brother spent some time in foster care, but they were together more than they weren't. She went to Oxbow High School where she played basketball and softball. Brittany loved to run. Every day she would run a couple of miles, regardless of the weather.

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Brittany's first job was working at Jiffy Mart in Bradford. She's had a lot of cashier jobs since then. She worked at McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken in West Lebanon, and she worked at Super Shoes in Lebanon. Brittany works now for Grow Direct, a company that is subcontracted by big box stores to bring in and tend to all of the plants in the nursery department. She likes that she gets to be outside when it's nice out, and she really enjoys making creative displays of the flowering plants. Her one and only client right now is Walmart, and you can imagine how busy she is right now.

Brittany lives in Wilder. When she's not working, she likes to walk and do all manner of art projects. She particularly enjoys coloring and making collages. Brittany is 25.

Favorite flower: roses

Favorite holiday: Easter

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