Facets: Meet Kendrick. He sure loves baseball.

Meet Kendrick. He sure loves baseball.  

Kendrick was born in Claremont. He has a brother and a sister, and they all went to Stevens High School. Kendrick's favorite subject in school was P.E. If he wasn't in school, he liked just plain old hanging out.

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Kendrick's first job was in the mailroom at The Eagle-Times, Claremont's newspaper. He's had several other jobs since then, and he's been working at Price Chopper in West Lebanon for the past 6 years. His job is to make sure the carts get put back and stay organized and to generally keep the outside area clean. He likes that he has a job that allows him to be outside a lot.

Kendrick lives in Claremont with his mother, 2 dogs and a cat. His favorite activity when he's not working is watching sports on TV and, whenever possible, live. Kendrick is 32.

Which is better - baseball or football: hands down baseball

Favorite Movie: the Fast and Furious movies

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