Facets: Meet Dewey. She used to be very dramatic.

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Meet Dewey. She used to be very dramatic.

Dewey was born in Randolph. She grew up in Norwich with her little sister. Their family always had a dog. When Dewey was younger, she liked to do gymnastics and play-act. She would do anything that was dramatic. She actually says that as a child she was kind of over the top dramatic - maybe even melodramatic. She went to high school in Hanover and loved to speak up in class. She was a competitive student who worked hard and liked to do well. She rowed crew, played field hockey and served on class committee. She was a key organizer of a fashion show that raised money for cancer awareness. Dewey's first job was working in a retail shop.

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Dewey went to college in the Boston area where she studied marketing and international affairs. Through her school she was able to land internships with NARS Cosmetics and Education First, a company that facilitates international study. During college, she was in the Fashion Club and became very active with Runway for Recovery, a non-profit that holds an annual fashion show for those who have battled breast cancer - both survivors and the children of those who have passed away.

Dewey lives in Norwich at the moment. She is working at Tuckerbox in White River Junction to save up money to travel to Europe with her sister. She'll think about getting a more serious job when she gets back. And she'll continue to be very active with Runway for Recovery, maybe forever. Dewey is 22.

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