Family time out in the woods Spring 2018 listening for turkeys

A Vermont Family Tradition

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F. Savage

2018 Spring Turkey Season Report

The Vermont turkey hunting season has been underway for 15 days now. The weather has mostly cooperated but there has been a few ‘HOT’ mornings for May 2018. Locust Creek Outfitters is one of last weigh-in stations in the area and they have reported as of 5/13/18 that there have been 68 turkeys reported and last year this time, the total was at 99! The drop in count could be due to rainy days on the weekend?/weather and maybe even because Mr. Tom + Jake turkey still with plenty of hens not on nests? Regardless of the count, ‘hunting’ for turkeys is still quite a task in the upper valley. Not only is there the constant threat of even the tiniest tick hidden (somewhere!) but there can be some really wooded vertical climbing to find the best ‘turkey woods’. 

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Hidden fields among the NOW-luscious green mountain landscape are a favored destination for turkeys; and early morning hikes with family and/or friends scouting and listening for turkeys. Spring turkey hunting, like fishing, is a tradition for some Vermonters and out-of-state hunters (also with purchased tags). Although there is also a fall turkey season  in Vermont, there is nothing quite like May, and being able to ‘talk turkey’..calling to turkeys in Spring is loud, and exciting, and if you haven’t been out for a hike yet this May? one of your favorite upper valley families esp. one with deep routes in VT - because there’s a good chance they have someone ‘who will take you out’ and listen for turkey gobbles ~ you just may have to wait until after 12 PM to be sure they are ‘out of the woods.’

Best of luck!/+ If you don’t hunt turkeys, just spend time outside in the fresh air and keep your ears open - bet you might spot something from nature...what animals do you hear?


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