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Worth Knowing: Domino's opens in Hanover. Learn a little about the story behind it.

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A new Domino's pizza franchise opened for business in Hanover on Thursday of last week. It's located where the old Video Stop store was behind the Irving gas station and across from CVS on South Main Street. 

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While we understand that Dartmouth students are pretty excited about Domino's being in town, we've also heard some people taking Domino's to task for poaching business from local pizza eateries by offering lower prices. Some folks have taken their displeasure to Facebook. We think some background about this Domino's franchise is worth knowing.

Rob Keene and his wife are co-owners of this Domino's location with Keith Bell. Rob started working at a Domino's franchise in Barre, Vermont when he was 19 years old. He was a driver who delivered pizzas at night. Keith was the general manager of the Domino's at that time, and he's the one who hired Rob. Over the years, Rob worked his way into the kitchen actually making pizzas and then to the counter serving customers. Eventually he worked his way up to become a shift manager. When Keith decided to open his own Domino's franchise in Claremont, he brought Rob with him as the general manager. When Keith opened a Domino's franchise in West Lebanon, Rob became the manager of that location, too. When Keith decided to open the Hanover location, Keith let Rob and his wife invest, and now they are part owners.

It took Rob more than 10 years to work his way up from a pizza delivery guy to a part owner of the store in Hanover. He says he can't imagine how else he could have worked his way into an ownership position in a local business. He still delivers pies and cooks when needed, but mostly he's behind the counter.

The Hanover location employs more than a dozen people in full-time positions. These employees are all residents of the Upper Valley. 

While it's true that the price of pizza at Domino's is much lower than some of the local pizza places that deliver, it's also true that Rob managed to create a career from his hard work at Domino's. Presumably, the people who are working at the Hanover Domino's can create similar opportunities for themselves. Just sayin'.

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