PHOTOS: Biker injured in spill at the top of Seminary Hill

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Busy road closed for short period of time by accident

WEST LEBANON - A 58-year-old motorcyclist lost control and went over his handlebars head-first onto the pavement at the top of Seminary Hill just before 4 p.m. on Wednesday, according to witnesses at the scene.

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    The biker, who had New Hampshire plates on his motorcycle, was not immediately identified but he was not believed to have sustained any life-threatening injuries.

The motorcycle was moved off into a nearby driveway

    The mishap shut down traffic at the top of the busy thoroughfare for approximately 20 minutes while firefighters and police dealt with the scene.

    Homeowners, who did not want to give their names, said they watched as the bike roared up from the Miracle Mile side of the hill headed toward West Lebanon at what they thought was an excessive amount of speed before it began to fishtail and skid.  The driver of a car who was headed the same direction said the biker was essentially passing between his vehicle and an on-coming car in the opposite lane when it appeared the operator lost control and then "flew over the handlebars" and onto the pavement.

    Witnesses said the biker sustained facial injuries and was initially unconscious and then appeared to be having seizures as a result of the impact before he began taking to passersby who rushed to his aid.  He was still lying in the roadway when ambulance crews from the Lebanon Fire Department arrived on the scene.

    Police at the scene said their investigation into the mishap was just getting started because they were not able to interview the motorcyclist before he was transported to the hospital.

The motorcyclist was packaged by EMTs and transported to the hospital for evaluation

Lebanon police officers interviewed a number of witnesses at the scene

An officer measures the skid marks at the point the bike crossed the center line and fell over onto its side

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