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Worth Knowing: Study on Cognition in Mild and Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury at Dartmouth seeking volunteers

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Worth Knowing

The Neuropsychology Program at Dartmouth is seeking adults 18 to 55 years of age who have had a concussion/mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) or a moderate TBI and who are currently experiencing cognitive problems (e.g.,  memory, attention/concentration) for a study on cognitive functioning.  Eligible participants will complete a psychiatric interview, as well as paper-and-pencil and computerized tests and questionnaires about symptoms and cognitive abilities such as memory and concentration.  None of the tests are harmful or painful and they will be done free of charge. There are no direct medical benefits for participating in the study.  The duration of participation is a single visit lasting approximately 3 to 4 hours at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, NH.  

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Study participants will receive compensation.

For more information, please contact Courtney Lawn, B.A. at This study has been reviewed by the Dartmouth Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects.

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