Let May Be a Month of Joy!

It is finally feeling like spring is here to stay, with winter almost a memory. This month I invite you to find a little more joy in your days. May brings with it the return of warm temperatures, bright sun and blue skies, and life everywhere! Read on for three ways I am hoping to find more joy this month that just might prompt you to find joy in the same ways or in your own ways.

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1. Color - The early bulbs that have sprung up along with new leaves bursting and lawns turning green, the landscape is popping with color close up and at a distance. Each day I notice a little more and more color on the hillsides in the distance and in each yard up close. I am also loving the morning light and fresh energy I start my day with. And my own garden and bulbs have filled me with a true sense of renewal and return of vibrancy. It takes some awareness and slowing down to notice these changes, but this presence has already brought me many smiles! How have you reacted to the return of color around you?

2. Sound - Along with the early morning light, there is the return of bird songs, woodpeckers, and many other animals - and while I know I'll get annoyed on some mornings, right now I am soaking it all in and loving the revival of sounds. Windows are open at home and in my car and this has really made me notice just how quiet winters can be, and while that quiet and stillness is nice, I am so ready for this return of sound. I have even caught myself whistling and singing more! On a recent webinar I tuned into, my teacher Ginger Garner, made the statement that singing is one of the best ways to reduce pain and increase joy. So open your windows and take in the sounds around you or turn on your favorite music and belt it out!

3. Move - As the energy around us increases, you might notice your own energy returning. This could mean more time in the yard getting yard work done or gardening, it could mean an early morning or evening run/walk/yoga session, or it could mean more motivation to get to the gym. Movement is so beneficial for our longevity and health so find some type of movement you enjoy. A simple way to get some more movement in is to throw in a few dance moves while you have the windows open and the music up!

There you have it, three simple ways I hope to find some joy in the month ahead! What can you do to find and share some joy?

Even these simple breathing exercises can help you slow down and find more joy.

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