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Worth Knowing: Upper Valley Brew & Que is almost open for business!

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There's a new business that's opening in the Upper Valley soon called Upper Valley Brew & Que. It will sell a delectable assortment of barbeque sauces and spices, a head-spinning collection of teas and salt mixes that may make your ankles swell as you read about how good they sound. Upper Valley Brew & Que will also carry coffees and condiments and various gift collections. So where will it be?

Interesting that you ask. Upper Valley Brew & Que will be an on-line store based in the Upper Valley. And you can either have your purchases shipped to you'll be able to  pick them up at Infuse Me in the Powerhouse Mall in West Lebanon. You see the owner of Upper Valley Brew & Que, Gene Driscoll, is married to the owner of Infuse me, Jennifer Driscoll.

Gene Driscoll is a serious barbecue aficionado. According to him, barbecue sauces vary dramatically, and he's selecting his sauce and spice inventory from the 5 primary different barbecue regions in the U.S.: Alabama, Carolinas, Kansas City, Memphis and Texas. Although he's still getting the website up and running, you'll soon be able to read about the differences between these 5 regions. You'll also be able to read Driscoll's blog, which will include heaps of information about the most famous barbecuers and barbecue sauces in the world, and you'll find videos demonstrating various grilling techniques. 

Some products Brew & Que will stock

Driscoll is still waiting for all of his barbecue sauces, spices and tea blends to arrive. The Texas sauces and spices arrived yesterday and the Alabama sauces and spices and the salt blends (think porcini salt and espresso salt) will arrive today. The teas, many of which sound like desserts (caramel, maple, walnut blend; vanilla, almond and coconut blend; and pumpkin, caramel and cinnamon blend), are trickling in as well. Hopefully they'll all be available next week. 

Brew & Que hopes to open within the next week. We'll let you know when it happens.

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