Facets: Meet Ally. She was born to dance.

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Meet Ally. She was born to dance.  

Ally was born in Salem, New Hampshire, but her family moved to Hanover when she was 3. Her mom owned a dance studio, which was a good thing since that's what Ally was born to do. She started dancing when she could walk. Her favorite genre is Jazz. She took dance lessons forever. Ally went to high school in Hanover and participated in as many dance or theatre production she could. She also worked with North Country Community Theatre and performed in its production of How to Succeed in Business with teens from several Upper Valley high schools.

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Ally's first job was bartending in New York City. She was also a stylist and worked for the clothing company Alice + Olivia there. Ally loved living in New York - the theatre, the restaurants, the shopping, the walking everywhere - the every-little-thing.

When Ally's mom died in 2009, she moved back to the Upper Valley. She was determined to keep her mother's memory alive and opened The Dance Collective studio to do just that. At the same time, she purchased The Pink Alligator, a high-end consignment store in Hanover. Since she moved back to the Upper Valley, Ally has lived in Wilder, Vershire, Hanover and Lyme.

Ally lives in Lyme with her husband. She still runs The Dance Collective and The Pink Alligator. She recently opened a second Pink Alligator in West Lebanon. One of things Ally likes to do most is to go to Simon Pearce for breakfast and lunch in the same day. Ally is 37.

Favorite ice cream: skip the ice cream, she'd prefer fries

Favorite shoes: Red velvet Louboutin heels she bought for a friend's wedding

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