Another Bike to school day in Norwich

Bike to school day 2018

This one is even bigger and better than ever

This year I was stationed at the crosswalk at Marion Cross School and just couldn't believe the number of bikers that participated. So much planning goes into this event and everyone did a great job of pulling it all together.

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Dan Mc Ginley Smith coordinated the event again this year and sent the following statement to all that helped out.      (The below statement is a quote from Dan)

Thank you all so much for your effort to make this day happen. 
I counted over 180 bikes, scooters, etc. at MCS this morning! Definitely a record turnout!
Lots and lots of smiles. 

The list of volunteers included:

Gina Des Cognets
Bill Tine 
Doug Robinson and the Norwich Police Department
Bill Hammond
Matt Buck 
Terry McDonnell 
Jennifer A. Shepherd 
Jill Kearney 
Tracy & Richard Zuckerman 
Katie Madden 
Demo Sofronas 
Norman Cambell
Seth Goodwin 
Kathryn Doherty 
Sarah McGinley-Smith 
Todd Thompson 
Reese Madden
I hope I am not leaving anyone out if so congratulate yourself for a job well done.

I thought it would be nice to list some actual comments that were made about this day.  I left out the names however to keep it generic to the event and not the person who made them.

1. Awesome, Awesome and did I say Awesome event this morning. Lots of smiling faces

2. Favorite day of the year, I love Norwich , Have a great day Y'all.

3. What perfect Bike to school day and what fun, Thanks to Dan for organizing and all who helped

4. Thanks all plus I wore my bicycle tie today. It wasn't easily visible but its around my neck

5. I just love this day!  So many new little ones this spring. Thank you Dan for your leadership and all the rest of the troops for helping out.

6. Thanks for your support Chief Robinson. My daughter certainly loves seeing you and the flashing lights of the Police car--- makes the event official. Thanks to the organizers for another great Bike to School Day. 

7.  Thanks so much Chief Robinson for all of your help this year and all the years past! You and all of the NPD are fantastic!

Enjoy the photo's and Thank You for your support

                    Below photo's provided by Jill Kearney and Demo Sofronas

Bike to school participants getting a safety talk prior to the event

Norwich Police Chief Doug Robinson leads the way and escorts the bikes to school

Is that Mr Bill leading the bikers ?

They are coming around the home stretch

Making the turn to the finish line at "MCS"

some of the 180 bikes that participated in the event just hanging out waiting for school to end

Click below link for a full photo album of this years event .    Photo's provided by Sarah Mc Ginley-Smith

Some of you may have read the 2017 Bike to School day story that I did for  my "About Norwich column"

I thought that day was pretty spectacular as there were over 140 bikers. 2018 sure had that beat however.

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