“Cancer is a word, not a sentence.” – John Diamon

Relay for Life

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Greater Claremont, 2018 Update

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So we have all heard about the Relay for Life. Some of our friends and family members have participated in it and maybe we've even expressed interest in participating as well. But what exactly is it?

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The main goal of the Relay for Life is to raise funds to improve cancer survival and decrease the incidents of cancer. The Relay for Life is a community-based fundraising event established by the American Cancer Society. Over 5,000 Relay for Life Events take place throughout 20 countries, so not only does this event benefit cancer patients in the United States, the movement has become global! The event has increasingly become common in local communities and college campuses.  Claremont, NH hosted their Relay on May 4th, 2018.  So why should you participate in the Relay for Life? Here are a few reasons:

Raise awareness and connect with community members

Cancer is a disease that can affect anyone. Raising awareness can save lives. Catching the disease early can be the difference between life and death. It is important that people know that organizations such as the American Cancer Society are there to support cancer patients. Plus organizations such as these offer free services which are extremely valuable to cancer patients. Also get your friends involved as well, make this fight to end cancer a movement that will forever eliminate cancer. By participating in this event, you are raising awareness!

This is also a space to make connections and friendships!  I met many wonderful people, both survivors, and supporters who were warm, open, and willing to share their stories and overall, have a superb time, and they DID (pics to prove it scroll down)!

Raise money for a worthy cause

The money you help raise when you participate in the Relay for Life goes towards research, Hope Lodge, Road to Recovery, Look Good…Feel Better, and Reach to Recovery. Through research, the American Cancer Society has been able to come up with suggestions for lifestyle changes and new approaches in therapies to improve cancer patients’ quality of life. The American Cancer Society also has multiple facilities called the Hope Lodge where cancer patients can stay for free while they are away from home receiving the treatment.

The Road to Recovery, another American Cancer Society sponsored program, matches cancer patients with specially trained volunteer drivers. This way, cancer patients never miss a doctor’s appointment. Support can be the most significant need when fighting cancer. The Reach to Recovery Program does just that!

Trained breast cancer survivors are matched up with people who have just been diagnosed with breast cancer to offer support and hope. Because chemotherapy and radiation can have negative effects on the body, the Look Good…Feel Better program is there to provide women battling cancer beauty techniques to help them improve their appearance during treatment.

Don't have much to give?  Stop by and say hello, donate the cost of one drink you would have that evening.  It does not take much, it adds up.

Spend time with your family and friends

The Relay for Life can be a healing process for you as well. Many of us know someone who has lost their lives to cancer. At the Relay event, you have the chance to remember, celebrate, and fight back! You also have the chance to meet with people who are equally passionate about ending cancer in our lifetime and possibly make long-lasting friendships!

Celebrate the strength of survivors

You are likely to meet many survivors at the Relay event. These survivors truly deserve all the attention. They have found the courage and hope to keep going on. Their hope and resilience is truly a matter worth celebrating!

Gene Jannenga, Newport NH (left) Survivor Multiple Myeloma and Pat Hamil, Claremont NH Breast Cancer Survivor (twice), Center Supporter and spouse of Pat Hamil

Get in some exercise

An important part of the Relay for Life is walking or running around the track. So, not only do you help raise money, you can also put in some exercise time while raising money for a worthy cause!

The Relay was a wonderful time.  There were games, food, the DJ spun music all night long, but this event has barriers.  The Claremont faction is facing a decline in "attendees" due to lack of venue.  They seemed to enjoy a moniker of success when the event was held outdoors.  Claremont has to provide adequate outdoor space for this event that is maintained well as some individuals experience mobility issues, medication issues, and various mediums of recovery and illness issues, so managed level grass arenas and track areas are ideal.  

I encourage my nightlife brethren to stop by next year when I remind you of this event.  It starts circa six pm and goes all night long.  Stop by before or after dinner, talk to people, take a walk, play a game, laugh, and slip them the cost of one drink before you go out for the evening.

In life, we have areas where we need to practice courage.  I had to hold grit to go this event.  I felt afraid and nervous.  I had feared that I did not understand cancer or the impact.  I had feared I was ignorant.  I had a fear of melancholia.  Let your fears go.  Survivors walk with courage every day, so should you.  There is a joy here and pain.  You can't feel the cool of the night without the sting of the sun.  So go.  Live and laugh with these people.  Help keep this event thriving in Claremont.  We all have a want for compassion and we talk about it.  This is a real, living way to give the gift of compassion.  The act of taking a couple hours out of your evening, donating a small sum, and saying "hello".   In yogic terms, we refer to it as the act of "sava", or giving and asking for no return. It is such an overwhelming act of kindness, so easy to do, so easy to fit between a dinner or show.  I did it at midnight after work.  Oh and give someone a hug!

The Nightlife Princess Approves this event for the following: vicious laughter, warm environment, DJ music, inclusiveness, but above all, Hope.  These people are our community members.  Stop by and take a picture.  I did!

RFL Personal Contact, Tracey Lynn Ford, Event Leadership Claremont NH, Survivor and dear friend.

Here is a link to ALL the photos I took, you can add yours as well.  A couple videos too!

Serious daps to Lucas B., Claremont Community Center Employee who "worked" for the duration of the event (6p-6a)....thank you Lucas!  Nightlife supports you!

I just have a love for Darth?  off topic...

Consequences of the "blindfold makeover", great videos posted in my gallery as well!


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