A Day in the Life of a Mug

It's one if the first tools we pick up in the morning. A mug may remind us of its maker or the soul who gave the vessel to us. It has a weight and a posture, with a personality of its own.

At the Hanover League we asked folks three questions regarding their favorite mugs, beverage and cookie.

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Erin Gough: Gallery Associate

My favorite mug is the Gibbons Birch Mug because it reminds me of the birch trees of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I love to drink Chai teas and Chai Lattes are always a special treat. My favorite cookie are my grandmother’s sand tarts.

Suzanne Jones: Craft Studies Director

Favorite Mug...Barbara Knutsen. She no longer makes pottery which is a total shame. I take the mug with me when I go to my favorite coffee shop (Dirt Cowboy, in Hanover). EVERYONE comments on it. Its unusual in its triangular shape and of course the crane design. The fact that it tapers up to the lip helps keep the coffee warm longer.

I have a mug for coffee and a mug for tea. And ne'er the twain shall meet! I drink black tea with milk in the morning before leaving work and coffee while I am at work.

Favorite Cookie... or biscuit as I would call them. I love ginger snaps, or a chocolate covered anything - shortbread, digestive, sugar.

When you peruse the gallery you'll find all sorts of ceramic vessels perfect as a gift for Mother's Day or to compliment your personal style. As we go through our day, a coffee cup can feel like a friend bringing ease and comfort to our daily tasks.

As Mother's Day approaches consider coming out to the one of these timely collaborative events:

May 11th: Enjoy a tea sampling in your favorite mug with Free Verse Farm at Mom's Night Out! from 4 to 8pm.

May 13th: Mother & Child Silk Scarf Marbling class from 9am to noon on Mother's Day!


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