Norwich grants special Permit

Is Norwich granting special Permits?

He needed a permit to Retire

A group photo with Phil and some of the many who came to wish him the best

On  May 19, 1990, Phil Dechert began working for the Town of Norwich.  He retired on May 19, 2018.

Here is a real nice special Permit allowing Phil  permission to"build "and enjoy his retirement.

A permit to build on your retirement

I had the pleasure of attending his retirement party which was held at the Norwich Inn.

Herb Durfee , Norwich town manager  did an excellent presentation and spoke about  the many times that Phil was called in to fill in as  interim Town Manager, reminding the crowd that it was usually at a time of crisis. Phil would come in and just like the National Guard would keep things calm until the situation could  be taken care of . Norwich has had several Town manager's in as many years and each time, Phil would be asked to cover the day to day operations until a new Town manager could be appointed or returned from vacation etc. He did this while still performing his regular duties as Director of Planning and Zoning.

As I was watching the presentation, I thought it would be nice to do a story on Phil, however I had not yet asked him for his permission and did not want to interupt the Town manager while in the performance of his official duties.

A few minutes later a Norwich Inn employee came and presented Phil with some of his favorite snacks as a parting gesture.

It was at this moment that I approached Phil and  mentioned it would be nice to take some photo's and do a short story.

He said that would be OK and I started taking the photo's that you will see below.

I do regret not taking photo's of the actual presentation however.

Please enjoy the story and photos anyway

Phil giving some planning advice

Some serious discussion happening here

a one on one with Phil

                                       Demo Sofronas wishing Phil the best 

                                Many short notes wishing Phil the best in retirement

                    A little something from the Historic Preservation Commission

Cheryl Hermann signing guest book as Liz Russell checks out some of the many notes to Phil

Roberta Robinson and Miranda Bergmeier

A special bag of Phil's favorite snacks presented earlier by the Norwich Inn

Taryn Foster and Phil Dechert

                                                      Liz Russell and Peter Griggs

Another group photo

The About Norwich Logo

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