"Gray Horse" ©LCM2018

Gray Horse- Keep it Simple

Submitted 6 months ago
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This painting was done from another image sent to me this week. I'm loving all of these new photos to work with! Some of these paintings have been getting a little over-involved and my dogs have been complaining that their morning walk time is being delayed too much, so I set an alarm today for 15 minutes to paint. This helps me in a couple of ways. First, it gets my day rolling and keeps me from fiddling with a painting all day instead of doing the things that are already on my schedule! And second, it forces me to loosen up and just deal with the shading and shape. Stop worrying about details. Our brains get so over eager to get in the way. It slows you down and messes things up- too many details! This gray horse is all about values- light, medium and dark. Keep it simple, Lisa.

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