Tomatoes that taste like…Tomatoes!

(Spoiler alert - they taste good!)

Somewhere along the way even garden-grown tomatoes lost their flavor. They may have held up in a sandwich, or won a contest for largest, reddest tomato, but taste good?  Noooo!

Seed catalogs’ breathless prose touted size, color and juicy-ness.  Hybridizers bred for uniform size, transportability,  long lasting  and color.  Flavor?  Oh well. Who would want to grow (and eat) delicious tomatoes, anyway?

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WE DO!!!!  Especially here in the Upper Valley.  Especially when they taste like this:

“Scarcely equaled in texture of flesh and richness of flavor.  Distinctive, delicious, deep and complex, with luscious, rich flavor.  Savory, mouth-filling, and juicy…. Finely balanced sugar-acid ratio yet endowed with intense flavor.”  Amy Goldman, in her book, The Heirloom Tomato, From Garden to Table ,  describes the flavor qualities of the best heirloom tomato varieties.

Thankfully, a small number of seed savers and seed companies valued the characteristics of the older breeds (heirloom tomatoes) and continued growing  them. The mouth-watering seed catalog descriptions of these cultivars read like a wine catalog:, “ Orange Russian 117: Honey-sweet, finely balanced, endowed with rich flavor”,  “Old Ivory Egg: Sweet and lemony”, “Great White: Divinely sweet”, “Sudduth’s Brandywine: Like a fine wine”, “Chile Verde: Finely balanced”, “Speckled Roman: Sweet and savory”.  You get the idea.

Today, gardeners are fortunate to be able enjoy a wide variety of heirloom tomatoes from their own gardens.  The Hanover Garden Club starts a good selection of favorite heirloom varieties from seed in our greenhouse using organic seed from High Mowing Seeds.

Make this year the one  you grow some heirloom varieties of tomatoes.  Come and get get your plants at our Plant Sale!  Questions about growing these tasty veggies?  Ask one of our expert gardeners, who will be on hand to answer your questions.

The Hanover Garden Club Plant Sale

 Saturday, May 19, 9AM - noon

 Garden Club Shed at Pine Knoll Cemetery (off Route 10 South, Hanover, NH)



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