Facets: Meet David. He works crazy long days.

Meet David. He works crazy long days.  

David was born in Springfield, Vermont. He lived there for 18 years, growing up with his sister. They had a dog named Rascal. He went to Springfield High School and really enjoyed classes in the machine shop and learning to weld. He also liked to go snowmobiling, to hunt and to fish. His first job was as a stock boy at Stern's Produce in Springfield when he was 14. His first job out of high school was in a machine shop operating a CNC lathe in Charlestown, New Hampshire. He had to earn a CNC Machinist Certificate to do that.

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David has worked at an Upper Valley produce market for 9 years. He works hard. He has his Commercial Driver's License, and three days a week he gets up at 1:00 am to drive to Boston to pick up a truckload of produce. Then he'll unload the truck and work until 6:00 pm. That's a long day. He often works 2 or 3 days more each week doing what needs to be done. The only day he has off for sure is Sunday.

Sunday is his favorite day. He can take his 3 kids fishing or hiking or, weather permitting, to an amusement park. He loves spending time with them, and he'd like to spend more time doing things like that. So he's doing something about it. David just gave notice that he's leaving for another job with better (fewer) hours.

David lives in Perkinsville, Vermont. He is 34.

Last vacation spot: North Carolina

Favorite TV show: The Price is Right

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