Worth Knowing: CDC releases frightening report on increasing bug-borne illnesses (VIDEO!)

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The Center for Disease Control has released a report indicating that illnesses from mosquito, tick and flea bites has more than tripled from 2004-2016, with 640,000 cases reported during that period. Since 2004, at least nine such diseases have been discovered or newly introduced here. Key takeaways from the CDC report include:

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 Mosquito and tick bites are threatening our health.

 Zika is among nine new germs discovered or introduced in the U.S. since 2004.

 Better control of ticks and mosquitoes is needed to protect people from these diseases.

 Local health departments and vector control organizations are our main defense.

 Yet 84% of these local organizations lack 1 or more core competencies.

Learn more at www.cdc.gov/vitalsigns. And wear bug repellant!

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