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As I look out to my garden

I feel a sense of pride,
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It really is a lovely room
except it is outside.
Marie Church, 2011

Do you ever wonder who plants and tends the gardens in Quechee? Probably you would say, “Oh, I think the Garden Club does that.” Well, you would be right. The Garden Club organizes the many small and large spaces around the Village. What you may not know is that there is a small army of helpers who give their time and energy to ensuring that Quechee looks lovely during the warm weather months. 

Willard Road

Here are some of the gardens and their caretakers: 

• The library. This is the showcase garden in town, and there is a group of people, led by Jeanette Veverka, who weed, water, plant, and tend the garden. 

• The section sign at the bottom of Willard Road. Marge and Rick Stamm (when he is not working on something at the library) maintain this garden, as well as the one just before the split in the road going towards the Club, or towards West Hartford. 

• Have you ever gone on the wildlife path adjacent to the Village Green? Jill and Stu Tane are the keepers of this lovely walkway. 

• The gardens at the triangle at the intersection of Waterman Hill Road and River Street where Rosemarie Scibetta, Polly Forcier, Mandy Benjamin, and Barbara Johnson are the gardeners, and the beautiful garden by the post office tended by Marge Gray and Joyce Baldwin. 

• We started two new gardens this year because Quechee Lakes Landowners Association (QLLA) has two new section signs in Section 7. Thanks to Ginny Kiely, and Cyndy Babcock for tending these spots. You could see the change in the garden on the Quechee Hartland Road over the course of the summer. 

Waterman Hill

Many thanks to all the gardeners I mentioned, and many others not mentioned here who help. 

Any interest in helping with a garden? You don’t have to be a member of the Quechee Garden Club, just someone who wants to keep Quechee looking its best. If you’re interested, please contact: Carol Heavisides, Membership Chairman, at carolamh@comcast.net.

Quechee Post Office


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