Hunter Detail ©LCM2018

Progress on the Green Mtn. Horse Assoc. mural

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I am in the midst of creating a large two-wall mural on canvas for theGreen Mountain Horse Association in South Woodstock, VT. The first wall is almost finished (stay tuned for a finished photo of that). Yesterday I finished the detail work on a hunter (above) and a jumper:

Jumper detail ©LCM2018

Last week I finished the first part of this wall, which features trail riders coming down the road.

Trail Riders detail ©LCM2018

This is the sketch that I prepared for GMHA's approval, and theat I've been working from for the final piece. The sketch was done to-scale so that I can blow it up and use it for the final layout. The blank spot in the middle is where a window goes.

GMHA Wall 1 Sketch ©LCM2018

I'll send along more photos of the second 24' wall (eventing, dressage and driving are featured there) as they come along.

You can see more of my murals and learn about the process at

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