Ode to the Burlesque....An Evening's Gallimaufry

A Haberdashery of talent, inclusiveness, and respect.

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“Being different is a revolving door in your life where secure people enter and insecure exit.” ― Shannon L. Alder

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Little "movie" I made

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What do I have to say about this event?  Bravo Vermont.  Thank you for bringing this to us.  I can tell you that the costumes were beautiful, the lighting on point, the entertainment was prime.  I can tell you whatever I want to in regard to the setting and event.  It won't do it justice.

Here is the thing with neo-Burlesque.  It has managed to take the focus away from sex and apply it to "sexy."  A diabolical tease.  It is a hodgepodgery of comedy, skit, shorts, etc.., wrapped into one variety performance with a great pair of emcees (Bo and Prudie Peepers).  

But these items were not what I found on my scratch pad when I got home.  I had written crash words such as "respect", "inclusive", "duality", "dignity", "fantasy".  All buzz type words I intended to modify, but I will not.  That is what the Gallimaufry Burlesque (noun plural gallimaufries. Chiefly Literary; a hodgepodge, jumble, confused medley, stew, a ragout or hash) has managed to encompass, all of those affections. They do it with humor, pride, clear boundaries. 

Every performer came alive in their character form via performance. For or a twinkling it made me think their performance was so palpable, I could see that this may be another side of the performer themselves.  A private glimpse. Duality.  Vulnerability. A look behind a veiled window, are you dancing in your underwear making toast?  Caught you....

So, while I can't conceivably sum up the amount of majestic in this show in such a short space, I can say the following...  If you need a night to laugh and let your guard down, go the Burlesque.  If you feel misunderstood, or you feel satisfied, go to the Burlesque. If the world is a muddled pile of garbage around you and don't understand yourself, or maybe you do, go to the Burlesque.  If you have everything or nothing figured out, then go. If you want to feel safe, celebrate the human form, laugh, cry, make friends, you need to go to the Burlesque. If I had another "if" it would be to ask you...if and when you are going?  

If you want to experience abandon and deference in an adult setting without judgment, have the freedom to look, freedom to question yourself, the Burlesque is your entertainment home.   You can laugh, cry, ask politely for hugs (and most likely get them) so go.  It is worth the emotion, or at least a potential hug.  If not you may just find yourself opening your mind ever so minutely in a way you never imagined.  Twisting yourself up, just a little.  Just be kind and open.  You will NOT regret it. If you want glamour, humor, skin, music, and sometimes blurred lines, go.  Have I told you to go yet?  The crowd was interactive, lively, diverse in demographics and age.  You will fit in.

If you are someone curious about this style of entertainment or nervous, don't be.  Respect is the forefront message.  I feel I would be discrediting the experience if I told you otherwise.  Next time you see this event, or an event similar, If I have not convinced you it is the place to be, then go anyway.  The Burlesque is the place to step outside your box and test the limits of your comfort zone. Bend your imagination. A severe rabbit hole.  You can look up performers and bios here, they all have a unique story to tell and deserve the space to do so. 

Thank you for letting me be a part, thank you for the pictures.  It was astonishing and the Engine Room did a whimsical job transforming their nightlife/club setting into a theatrical venue.  The staff was perfection that night.  Everyone was a star. 

Don't be shy.  Come as you are.  Camos and boots, glitter and gold.  No matter.  The Burlesque will take you.

And...all for charity.   We do go deeds at night.

Bonus hoop video here  .  This is a pre-act, should have seen the crowd go wild for her act! 

My duck face is NOT on point, Trey (friendly patron) is killing in the look though!

Friendly patrons!

Loved this hat!

Transforming the local night spot into a theartical venue.  How dramatic!

Upcoming events 

Pre patron party, but hey we looked dapper!

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