Digging it at Shakoma Beach in Enfield, New Hampshire

Treasure Hunting at Shakoma Beach

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Slim pickings, but the help was priceless!

Shakoma Beach in Enfield, New Hampshire may look small but it draws recreation seekers in force during the summer.

And where people gather, often there’s treasure to be found.

The sand was soft and easy to dig after a long winter.

The rock solid blanket of snow and ice that covered the beach during the winter were finally gone and the sand was now soft enough to dig into with a hand shovel. My Garrett 250 picked up lots of targets — all trash — and a 1961 penny buried about 4 inches in the sand. 

It’s all good.

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I enjoyed meeting little brothers Killian and Jamieson of Enfield on the beach.  They both developed an instant interest in metal detecting and were eager to help me with the digging. Their mom helped control their enthusiasm.

I hope to visit Shakoma Beach one more time this summer to do some underwater treasure hunting. I’ll be using my full-face snorkel diving mask that I purchased on eBay.
Hope to see you there!


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