Homemayd Pappardelle Pasta with Vermont Venison Meatballs + Local Herb Tomato Sauce

Homemayd Pappardelle Pasta with Vermont Venison Meatballs + Local Herb Tomato Sauce

Inspired by my travels through the sundrenched Tuscan countryside, Italy...

Homemayd Pappardelle Pasta with Vermont Venison Meatballs + Local Herb Tomato Sauce

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This post is my first post within my category Salty + Wild.

This first recipe is special to me as it was inspired by my travels on my honeymoon. My husband and I trekked through Greece and Italy. I have explored both countries before, yet this trip was explored by car rather than by train which furthered our adventures onto roads less traveled. We let the days wander us into places unknown. In Tuscany, Italy we found a beautiful farm. The farm has been operated by generations past. We were greeted by the family’s grandmother and she led the way to a small wooden table where we sat, drank handmade wine, and explored handmade dishes from ingredients grown and or raised right there on the farm. The pappardelle pasta dish was my favorite of all seven courses served. The dish in Tuscany was a bit smaller, one pasta nest perhaps, as it was one of several dishes - dried meats, handmade cheeses with honey, edible flowers with handmade breads, dandelion greens, and handmade pasta. The pappardelle dish was served with a hearty tomato and meat sauce; I believe the meat was either wild boar or goat, rather than venison. This is my recreation of that lovely dish that we just so happened to stumble upon.

Homemayd Pappardelle Pasta with Vermont Venison Meatballs + Local Herb Tomato Sauce

Homemayd Pappardelle Pasta with Vermont Venison Meatballs + Local Herb Tomato Sauce

This new category is called Salty + Wild || and focuses on my husband and I as organic food hunters and foragers.

With wholehearted gratefulness and intention, my husband and I step into the wild.

One may presume my passion solely lies within the art of baking. As my sole focus thus far within my blog has been on sweets. I only began thumbing through salty recipes four years ago, maybe five. Baking has, since I was about seven years old been my dear companion in the comfort of food creation. Yet, the land that surrounds me here in Vermont has opened up a new world of experience and truth in what we eat, how we eat, and most importantly – where our eats derive from.

Bow and arrow in hand. Some may be quick to draw – how sad, how cruel… “Do you eat meat?” I often times ask. Almost defending my position. Not too often an occurrence, thankfully. Yet it does appear.

Mindfulness, skill, patience. All elements, or ingredients rather, to foraging organic wild fruits from our land. It is not ever about the kill, it is solely about the art and the organic. My husband and I bond and learn together, we connect with nature together. These elements I could never fathom possible when I whimsically danced through my urban existence. Not that it wasn’t possible, it was far from my reach. My backyard here is an experience; my senses are heightened. As I stand tall on top of one of the Green Mountain peaks, I understand harmonious respect between human – woman and nature.

This category explores pieces of the wild from bow and arrow to recipe.

My steps still hold my whimsical air, yet more choreographed as I step out into the wild.

Looking out over the Sundrenched Tuscan Countryside

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xox HOMEMAYD by Noella May

A list of nut safe brands | local ingredients used:

King Arthur Organic All-Purpose Flour and Organic Whole Wheat Flour and Dell’Amore Sweet Basil and Garlic Marinara Sauce.

I use only nut safe ingredients | products in all my recipes. Every time I go to the market, I check the ingredient list and allergy disclaimers posted beneath the ingredient list; even though I checked this information the week before. I check this list prior to each purchase as the company may have had a change in manufacturing facility | plant.

Better safe than sorry when it only takes a moment to glance through both the ingredients and allergy information posted below the list of ingredients. I.e. “allergy information: may contain…; made on shared equipment…; or processed in a facility…”

Soon you will be able to refer to a blog post on How to Navigate Food Allergens for a safe home.


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