Bennett’s Horses. With Feathers.

Through May 25, 2018

Alysa Bennett’s A Change of Horse at AVA Gallery is destination viewing. Her horses speak in gestures caught at a precise moment. And they are covered in . . . feathers, the better perhaps to contrast with “the weight and solidity of a horse’s muscle.” The sculptures share the gallery with Bennett’s charcoal drawings, but would fill any space by themselves with their energy and presence.

In the library on AVA’s second floor are portraits by West Lebanon artist John Kenyon. Kenyon’s Life Lessons is a collection of paintings of people—and a few canines—who have inspired others. Brief bios tell their stories.

Mary, a portrait by John Kenyon

Jay Mead’s imposing outdoor sculpture looks at home indoors in the large, front gallery adjacent to AVA’s entrance. You may want to cozy up and climb on them but should refrain. Mead, from Norwich VT, is a builder of homes who has made art of what he finds at construction sites for this exhibition, Re-Purposed. 


Two of four of the works on display by Jay Mead

A fourth artist, Nicholas Gaffney, is a photographer who sees himself as an “orbiter . . . something or someone that searches and observes over the surface of things.” He correctly identifies the “eeriness”, or weird playfulness, of the wooden people planted in a corn maze (below)

And does the shop vac in this photo have any chance of success?

The current exhibition opened on April 27 and will run until May 25. The public is welcome; admission is free. For hours and further information, including scheduled artists’ talks, see AVA’s website.

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