Corrina Thurston Art Exhibit and Sale
Ended April 15
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VINS Nature Center
April 15
2:00 PM — 9:00 PM
Price:  $15.50-$13.50

Included with admissions at the VINS Nature Center in Quechee, VT, we invite you to view the unique work of Corrina Thurston. 

Corrina Thurston is a professional wildlife artist working out of Barre, VT. She specializes in detailed, vibrant colored pencil drawings, expertly capturing the personality of her animal subjects. 

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Corrina began drawing in 2010, two years after falling chronically ill and having to medically withdraw from college after only one semester. She found drawing to be a great therapeutic outlet that allowed her to shift her focus away from her chronic pain, fatigue, and overall circumstances. Being mostly bedridden for over six years, Corrina taught herself to draw from the confines of her bed. 

In 2014 Corrina was finally diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, malfunctioning adrenal glands, and more. Now she's on long-term treatment, which has been a slow and grueling battle, but has shown significant progress! 

Corrina's artwork, which began merely as a therapy, has now turned into a rewarding profession. She routinely donates some of the proceeds from her work to wildlife conservation organizations, and she recently wrote a book called How To Build Your Art Business With Limited Time Or Energy, which was named one of the "Best Books for Artists" by a top business blog after only six months on the market. 

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