It is definitely not too early to think about buying a season pass to Storrs Pond

Storrs Pond is open to the entire Upper Valley, not just Hanover.

There may still be a few piles of dirty snow in the shade, but it is not too early to start thinking about what you're going to do this summer. And it is definitely time to think about purchasing a season pass to Storrs Pond Recreation Area. 

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Storrs Pond is overseen by the Hanover Improvement Society, a non-profit organization that operates Storrs Pond Recreation Area, Campion Ice Skating Rink and The Nugget Theaters. Storrs Pond offers the following activities to members and to day-visitors:

  • swimming and swimming lessons in the heated pool
  • swimming in the pond
  • a splash pad
  • tennis and tennis lessons
  • canoe, kayak, paddle board rentals
  • fishing in the pond
  • disc golf on a challenging 18-hole course
  • campsites for overnights
  • a pavilion and multiple sites for hosting parties and picnics
  • a snack bar that is open daily (once the season is in full swing) and will start offering pizza on Tuesday nights
  • late afternoon/early evening concerts

A common misconception in the Upper Valley is that Storrs Pond is only open to residents of Hanover. This is absolutely NOT true! Storrs Pond welcomes residents of the Upper Valley to buy season passes or to visit by the day. 

Storrs Pond will be open from mid-May through mid-September. The pool and pond will be open and staffed by lifeguards by mid-June.  

Disc golf course

Signup for season passes is underway now, and it makes sense to do this before rates increase by as much as 30% on June 20. There are season pass rates for using (1) everything - the pool, pond, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, picnic areas and disc golf course, and (2) everything but the pool, and (3) just the disc golf course. Rates vary depending on whether an individual joins or families of different sizes.  Rates range from $95 (for an individual) to $450 (for a family of 5 to use the pool, pond and disc golf course all summer). While it's also possible to pay by daily visit (between $5 and $10 per day per person depending on the areas used), buying a season pass makes a lot of sense if you plan to use the Storrs Pond resources regularly. So sign up here now! 

To learn more about Storrs Pond Recreation Area, see the Storrs Pond website


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