The Trouble with Growing Raspberries…

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Priscilla Clark

Hints and tips for growing (and making sure some make it onto vanilla ice cream)

There is nothing quite as satisfying as fresh picked berries from your own berry patch.  Tender, tasty raspberries are unlikely to make it to the kitchen since they tend to be devoured as they are plucked from the bushes!

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It is possible to keep some for the kitchen:  as you pick, visualize delicious uses for your freshly picked raspberries:  Scattered over a dish of locally produced vanilla ice cream, with maybe a dollop or three of chocolate sauce?  Pancakes fresh off the griddle topped with fresh raspberries from your garden and (of course) maple syrup.  Perhaps a light raspberry vinaigrette to dress  fresh greens from your garden.  Possibilities abound.  You could also practice the tried and true technique of, “one for the basket, one for the mouth”,  but that takes a great deal of self discipline!

Like most things garden, growing your own means cultivating patience along with the plants.  Raspberry canes planted this year will yield luscious red berries next year.  A bit of care and attention to their needs will reward you with a crop of red, juicy fruit.  

You can buy the perennially popular and hardy “Latham” raspberry cultivar at our Plant Sale on May 19.  It produces succulent, sweet berries and is remarkably disease and insect resistant.


Cultivar:  “LATHAM”

Must be planted in FULL SUN

Bears fruit in June and July

Very hardy and produces lots of fruit.  Disease and insect resistant.

Helpful hints

  • Raspberry plants need full sun to produce the most fruit. The plant will grow in part shade, but harvests will be meager.
  • Space red and yellow types 2 to 3 feet apart; space black and purple types 4 feet apart.
  • Raspberries are self-fertile. You'll get fruit with only one cultivar. They're best pollinated by bees.
  • Prune all types annually.
  • Raspberries will start producing fruit a year after planting.

Our expert gardeners will be on hand at the Plant Sale to answer all questions raspberry - as well as any other garden questions you may have.

The Hanover Garden Club Annual Plant Sale:  Saturday, May 19, 9AM-Noon.  Location:  The Garden Club Plant Sale at Pine Knoll Cemetery, Route 10, Hanover, NH.


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