Setting the Stage...

Setting the stage for this writing, this mission.  Showing the Upper Valley, a place so dynamic, how fierce it really can be.  Under the lense of nightlife.

Many times people have said to me "Ancilla, don't you think it is time you put away this foolery and get a 'real' job?  Settle down? Wigs and stilettos aren't forever..." Blasphemy! Are they not? I think as I dive face first into a bucket of synthetic hair I have been harboring from the souls of wigs long since dead.  The dishes pile up around me. I ask my son if we have been robbed? He tells, I am just "a messy mother..." Blasphemy! There are stilettos to fix, hair to weave, skirts to bind, dogs to walk, men to date, music to hear, books to read.....was that a dust bunny....and of course my epic erotic poems, and stories to write.  My answer to this question is, do women with real jobs live life by the seat of their panties and go the Grammys in NYC with a bunch of celebrities and strangers?

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As I type all of this and set the stage for yet is what to come.  My nerves are on fire. I have never shared my writing or adventures with people in this way or my passion for social justice and causes.  If you search deep under the cover of nightlife, you will find the platform for the largest networks of causes. Wrapped in a layer of art and music. Eroticism as well.  I will leave those elements up to your imagination unless my readership and mailbox screams and weeps for MORE details, then perhaps, I may give you just a tease of those.  

I am on fire and nervous.  I feel exposed and vulnerable.  I have eighty-one pairs of shoes to stand tall in yet as I write this tonight, I feel so small.  I have thirty-four jackets to shield me and I can't hide. I have layers of hair and eyeliner, but I still feel naked and exposed. You can see me. Right through me on the other side of this keyboard.  Transparent.

Hello.  I am Ancilla Jayne.  I write vicious, erotic poetry, sci-fi short stories, I love dogs (please send pics), I dislike cleaning.  I love my son but I am sure I effed up along the way and will be paying for adult counseling. Most of all, I love nightlife and people. Talking to them. I love the art of nightlife. From picking out the right outfit, the hair, the venue, attempting to NOT pay a cover (eighty-seven percent success rate), making an entrance, upsetting people and not upsetting them.  I love being a single female with the confidence to go where I want and do as I please and a wardrobe that shows it.

I want to make you laugh, cry, sing and dance. Maybe just forget for an evening, what a shit-hole we have created. What a mess we have made. Watch me. Play along with me. Come see what the nightlife community is up.  More importantly, take the weight off. Release the pressure. You will find there is good work being done, kindness, and a world you didn't know existed. Have we forgotten what it was like to Dance with a Stranger before we had a platform? To do a wonderful deed or sip a drink without a pre-interview?

If you think for a moment that this world is not for you, that you're are too old, too young, too tired or that is just too "speculative" than just follow along with me and perhaps one evening, I will find you out.  I’ll be waiting for you. Always a companion. Ready to celebrate the local talent and culinary fare. There are shows to see, music playing, workshops to go to, and a mixture of local movements in the area to get interested in that we can all reach in together in a positive way….all in leather and lace, tevas and camos, whatever you elect.  Come as you are. Throw some glitter on it.


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