Artist Talk: Alysa Bennett
Ended April 28

Alysa Bennett's new exhibition "A Change of Horse" opens with an artist talk on Saturday, April 28 at 12pm. The exhibition is on view until May 25.

"Over the course of my career as an artist, I have sought to examine subjects that I find moving and mysterious. Horses have continuously been one of my prime subject matters and they have formed the core of my ideas and inspiration. I have created multiple drawings, prints, paintings and sculptures of them, each medium allowing for new interpretations. I was raised on, and often return to, a Western cattle ranch where I have the opportunity to enjoy both an immediacy and intimacy with these animals. I am intrigued watching them as they play, fight, rest or work, their gestures mirroring our own in a kind of universal language. It is the evocative power of these gestures that I strive to depict in the drawings and sculptures, hoping to articulate that even in a slight turn of the horse’s head there is something compelling and full of possible narrative."

Artist talks are free and open to the public.


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