Your Storyteller page driver's manual

Don't worry -- it's not nearly as long as the manual that comes with your car. 


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... are the trickiest part. Access them all by clicking the Edit button in the header. 

The "Profile image" is your avatar. The orientation above is best. The system crops automatically. 

The "Background Image" appears in the header behind your avatar. For best results, crop it to this shape before uploading. It is 1400 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall. 

The "Desktop Background Image" will appear behind the posts on your page. A vertical shape is best -- think 3 units wide by 8 units tall. The system will blur it slightly so your posts stand out. A solid color works nicely.

Note: Once you add one of these photos, you can't delete it without our help. But you can replace it simply by uploading another image.


These elements appear at the top of your page -- and you've already got them started. Click the blue Edit button to open one of them for editing. Slide the toggle button to off and they won't display publicly.

Two blocks on your page are turned off by default: Hours and Calendar display. Both can be relevant to businesses -- but probably not you, unless you want to define office hours.


To create a post about your background, work, or skills, click the blue Create Content button and then "Tell a story." 

Anything posts you publish on your Storyteller page will only display there. The system autosaves any story while you type. If you stop and come back later, you can find it by clicking the word "Draft."


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