Some times you need to let go a little

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Paul B.T. Hyson

...and a break from tradition for this week!


Hello, readers!

This week I've decided to break with tradition and use a different type of cartomancy, in this case the modern deck known as the Vertical Oracle, created by Antero Alli and Sylvie Pickering of Paratheatrical Research.  This deck is more free-form in terms of interpretation, and features Alli's collage artwork. The name Vertical comes from the idea of subtle, vertical states of being intersecting the mundane, horizontal world. Alli means no hierarchy here, stating that he sees neither as better than the other.

Although I have decided to use my standard spread, due the nature of this deck, with no suits or numbers, I will not do my usually breakdown of numbers, or suits, and will not use a key card. 

On to the reading...
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First card- universe/big picture- Ritual: a rite of passage, need for external confirmation, ask yourself what are you saying, why are you doing this?

Second- point of view- Invocation: a call to common unity, reaching out to others. Possible link to the external confirmation in the previous card

Third- the meeting point of the first two- Outside Shock: a force from outside the self, possibly real life intruding, a catalyst for the rite of passage?

Fourth- active influences- Adventure: Facing the challenges of the outside world. Seems to be a theme forming

Fifth- passive influence-.Obsessed: something in which one's attention is fully concentrated. A current obsession or a new one? Some sense of urgency involved in finding an outlet for the obsession.

Sixth- current, where things are going or can be directed- The Future: Envisioning a future to live for, not just live with, and bringing that future in to being through imagination and work.

Seventh- comment on the spread-  Futility: Out of your depth, falling short of your aim, over or underestimating your role- ask yourself what you need to overcome this. Related to outside shock, possibly the lesson learned from the first card?

Eighth- Will, or its means of manifestation- Surrender: Embracing the reality of the situation and letting go as a way to move beyond it.  Also related to the previous card and the third one?

Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation- Magic: Follow your imagination and intuition. Related to the surrender of the previous card?

Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth- Experiment: Test your theories, further inquiry may be required to raise your ability and create new results, just remember that not every experiment succeeds and further work may be required, keep your mind open to new ideas in order to to learn from your results, and let go of any tendency towards premature conclusions, and you go from trial and error to trial and success.

WRJ Tarot Musings out, see you all next week!


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