Facets: Meet Peter. He got through college with ADHD long before anyone knew how to teach kids with ADHD.

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Meet Peter. He got through college with ADHD long before anyone knew how to teach kids with ADHD.  

Peter was born in Clearwater, Florida. He spent 5 years there with his parents and sister until they moved to coastal Georgia. He started kindergarten in a one-room schoolhouse in Georgia and finished the year in Quechee Elementary School because his family moved to Dewey's Mills. 

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College was really tough for Peter. He did pretty well in his first two years, but he really struggled when he returned for the next two. He had difficulty focusing and found it incredibly challenging to sit still and try to pay attention. He later learned that he had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD. No one knew what ADHD was when he was in college. Peter remains convinced that his professors just wanted to get rid of him and agreed that they - and everyone else - would be better off if they just let him graduate, regardless of his grades or behavior. Peter says that in regard to his academic record he was just like John McCain, who was 5th from the bottom in his class at the Naval Academy at Annapolis. Actually, Peter thinks he might have done better than John McCain and clinched the bottom spot.

After college, Peter moved back to Florida and got a job on the floor doing sales for Sears & Roebuck. After that he sold insurance for Allstate. His first marriage ended. He met his second wife on Delray Beach. It was love at first sight. He moved north with her to Vermont. She's his soul mate and they've been married for nearly 20 years.

Peter lives in South Woodstock with his wife, 2 Cocker Spaniels and 2 Maine Coon Cats. He is the Ambassador of the White River Junction Welcome Center, and he is really, really good at his job. Peter just turned 76.

What he misses about Florida: nothing

Favorite pie: strawberry rhubarb

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