Painted Horses and Classical Dressage

"Classical Dressage Horse I" ©LCM2018

A new form of "Daily Doodle"!

Dressage is a beautiful discipline within the equestrian sports. Horses are trained to carry themselves so that they can perform movements with ease, beauty and grace.

Paintings from as far back as the 15th century depict horses in classical dressage pose, often with a soft landscape or a palace yard in the background.

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My latest endeavor is to paint a small (5" x7") oil painting every day for awhile, studying various still shots of "haute ecole" movements, with backgrounds reminiscent of those wonderful paintings. This will give me lots of practice in this new-to-me medium and allow me further study of horse anatomy.

So for awhile, my "Daily Doodles" will be these paintings. Wish me luck! I hope you will follow along as I make this journey!

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