Bread Loaves and Blue Bird Days

48Kwh produced in a day, thanks to the solar trackers ability to squeeze more power out of the same sun.

Cool days with abundant sunlight create perfect conditions for solar trackers to excel at their job

In the solar world, we love pretty pictures like this. April 21, 22 and 23 were three straight 'blue bird' days with barely a cloud. The "breadloaf" shaped curves is typical of a solar Tracker that follows the sun across the sky through the day, versus the "bell curve" of fixed panel rooftop solar. It reflects all the additional power that a Tracker is able to generate on the "shoulders" of the curve -- 40 percent more, to be exact. Same Sun. More Power.

We love this time of year: ever-longer days, but still not too hot (it's counter intuitive, perhaps, but solar panels are actually most efficient when it's really cold).

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