Metal detecting on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Kilowatt Park in Wilder.

Patience Is The Key

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Kilowatt Park turns up light metal, but no treasure

Searching for metal targets near a large rock.

I am beginning to learn it takes real patience when it comes to metal detecting.

Without patience you are inclined to give it up, just when you could be on the verge of discovering something big or interesting. For many treasure hunters, it takes months, even years, to unearth a really valuable find.

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This past weekend was the first nice weather we've had in a long time. So, I packed up the Garrett 250 and headed on over to Kilowatt Park in Wilder for a few hours of treasure hunting along the water front. All in all, it was a beautiful Sunday.

While there was no treasure to be found that day -- just three old bottle caps, a small piece of scrap iron, a mangled Budweiser beer can, and a dime -- it was a good experience learning the intricacies and fine tuning of the Garrett 250.

Kilowatt Park is a beautiful, fascinating place filled with history -- and buried metal. There were just too many targets for my machine's electronic discriminator to separate trash from treasure. But it showed me the Garrett 250 really works, and works well. 

Next weekend I hope to make it to the New Hampshire coastline for a little metal detecting on the beach. I've got a good feeling about it.

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