FINALLY, a sunny day!

Is it just me, or does this winter seem to be going on forever? Now, normally I work 45 hours a week and don't get me wrong, working full-time and being a mom is hard, but I've been out of work for two weeks on a leave and WOW! Let me just tell you that my mother, aka my sanity, must be the most patient woman on the planet. After raising 5 children of her own, she works tirelessly as my child care and my human punching bag when I have a really bad day. I am no stranger to how needy my children can be but this winter seems to have really done a number on all of us. In this area there really isn't a lot to do with 3 children under 3 years old, unless you are either 1. A crazy person 2. an outdoorsy person or 3. willing to sacrifice at least one full day and possibly 3+ hours of constant screaming in the car. Boy, was I thankful to be able to finally let the kids out on to the porch today to play instead of keeping them cramped up inside! It has been a LONG 2 weeks. Does it make me a terrible mom to say that I cannot wait to have some time outside the house again? I honestly don't know how the stay at home moms haven't pulled their hair out yet; ladies, you are saints. To all of you that are in child care for a living, whether paid or unpaid, you are the real heroes!! Cheers to some warmer weather, hopefully it brings with it some sanity! If you have crazy toddlers like mine, I'm sure you need it!

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