Vikarnda Meeslip, owner of Bangkok Asian Market & Café

Worth Knowing: Owner of Thai Café/Grocery/Craft Gallery looking forward to Thai Orchid opening in the same building

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Last week we wrote about a Thai restaurant (Thai Orchid) that’s opening soon on Hanover Street in Lebanon. A few readers wondered what that would mean to the shop in the very same building that offers Thai takeout, groceries and crafts. So we stopped in to see how the shop owner feels about her new neighbor. 


Vikarnda Meeslip is the owner of Bangkok Asian Market & Café. She was born just outside of Bangkok and moved to the U.S. in 2003. She opened up last summer. Her store offers daily hot specials to eat in or take out. Her Pad Thai is very, very popular, as are her Green Curries. The store also carries Thai and Asian grocery items and a selection of Thai crafts like scarves and purses. This summer, Bangkok Asian Market will start to offer ice cream, which should be well-received in this walkable neighborhood. 

Asian groceries

Thai crafts

When we asked Meeslip how she felt about a Thai restaurant opening in the same building, she smiled brightly and said she viewed it as a good opportunity. After all, her store offers items that are entirely different from those that Thai Orchid will offer. She has daily take-out specials, a multitude of specialty grocery items and fine crafts. And if there is more foot traffic right outside her front door, then it's likely she will be seeing some new customers. So here's to hoping the two businesses develop a symbiotic relationship!

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Bangkok Asian Market & Café is open every day except Sunday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

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