The Best Part of Revolution is the Customers!

After polling our staff for their thoughts on working at Revolution, we asked them to share their favorite customer stories. As you'll see, it is often all about the clothes - but not always!

Molly Elsasser, Assistant Manager

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My favorite customers are the ones that come into Revolution knowing a specific event for which they need an outfit, but not knowing exactly what they want. They are often shy or timid about navigating the store, or just shopping in general. These are the times when I feel like I'm working with a blank canvas; we get to just play dress up and have fun trying on different looks, injecting the joy back into shopping. 

For a lot of people, shopping can leave a bad taste in one's mouth, for a multitude of reasons. I like getting a sense of a shopper's comfort in fashion - color, length, among other preferences - and then I'll select items based on their feedback to find something that's just right. It can be hit or miss in Revolution, but when you hit, it's a home run. And seeing the change in demeanor and confidence level when a customer has found the perfect piece or outfit lifts me up and inspires me. There are definitely pieces that seem to be waiting for just the right person, and we're all about finding good homes for those well-loved treasures."

Lana Real, Staff Member

"Kim holds a tent sale with very reasonably priced items. I remember a woman shopping it once, and being so grateful for the opportunity to buy fashionable clothing for herself and her family. I saw how much it meant to her and it made me really happy!"

Shawna Desrosiers, Staff Member

"I love all the times when a customer finds something that fits just right and they light up with the joy of it. I love those moments. Fashion can be such a minor thing, yet such a powerful thing, and I love being able to see the affect a well-fitting piece of fabric can have on a person's confidence! I also enjoying being able to offer people a cappuccino or tea as part of the shopping experience, and how excited little kids get when I mention we have hot chocolate too. These are my favorite experiences because they are little things that bring joy to people."

Frances McManus, Staff Member

"About six years ago, on a warm summer Sunday, two men in a Volkswagen van pulled up as I was hanging our "Open" flag outside. They looked like they could use a latte, so I invited them in for one. They told me their story of how they haven't seen each other in years. They thought a nice reunion would be to walk the Appalachian Trail, but had no place to park their van for a few weeks. Without reservation, I offered to keep their van at my house. They left their keys with me, and off they went! When they returned, they told me all about their journey and then returned to their homes in Tennessee and Montana. It was an opportunity to help someone where I could. It felt right."


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