Shaking the Tree: Poetry Workshop
Ended May 25

Shaking The Tree: Experiments with Form

    Instructor: Carol Potter, MFA 

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Three Weeks, Three Forms: In this workshop we will explore experimental forms and quasi- traditional forms in poetry from the “American sonnet” to the pantoum to Terrance Hayes’ “Golden Shovel”  to the Prose poem. How does a fixed form sometime help focus the emotional-philosophical-sonic qualities in a poem and often times force a leap into something unexpected? Along with an exercise in a brand-new form such as "The Bop", each participant will be invited to invent a new form to present to the group. 


Dates: Saturdays, 2-5 pm  May 5, May 19, May 26

Cost:  150.00 for three sessions.

Minimum Enrollment: 5    

Registration required:

@ The White River Writer’s Center in WRJ


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