What is Local Learning?

Welcome to Local Learning, a new page providing education news and happenings in the Upper Valley.  The initial regional coverage will be around the Claremont area -- including towns of Newport, NH, Charlestown, NH, and Springfield, Vt. --  though I intend to broaden my range for stories as I settle into a schedule. 

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This page's educational subjects will be broad, to include local schools, museums, libraries, makerspaces, youth programs, and other groups that provide opportunities to learn.  The aim is to provide a resource for communities, where families can learn about upcoming events and programs, educators can share their creative approaches to instruction, or our towns can connect with each other's offerings and initiatives to tackling similar challenges. 

A little about myself: I am a journalist and freelance writer, and formerly a high school English teacher.  Born in Washington, D.C., I moved to Claremont, N.H., with my wife in 2007, where we have since raised two children, two dogs, and numerous chickens and rabbits.  In addition to writing I enjoy making music and art, gardening, fishing, meandering in the woods and turning over rocks.  I'm like a mediocre Renaissance Man, only I have this blog now (so checkmate, DaVinci).

I loved my time teaching, but my niche was small classrooms, 15 students or less.  A year ago I discovered news reporting.  I spent five months learning on the job with a local newspaper, and am just beginning work for another.  Then this opportunity with Daily UV.com came along, and suddenly more opportunities appeared, and now I find myself an official freelance writer. 

This blog is a new adventure for me.  A blank canvas of countless creative possibilities.  I can speak to ideas for next week, maybe the one following, but I have no clue what great ideas might be born once the journey is on foot.  This is another learning experience in the ongoing education of life. 

Here's where your part is needed.  If you belong to a school, education-related organization or group, I would like to be on your mailing list.  To share about your school or program, upcoming events or news, feedback or questions, email me, Patrick Adrian, at pfadrian25@gmail.com.   

And please share this page with others who might be interested.  As education is a collaboration of many parties, this page's creative potential and growth lies with its participants.  

Thank you for reading and helping this page grow.


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