Worth Knowing: Open Door has a new personal trainer and movement instructor

Joe Sargent at Open Door

Open Door recently welcomed Joe Sargent, a certified personal trainer and movement teacher, to its growing staff. Joe grew up in Vermont. After studying philosophy at Columbia University, Joe’s interest in the transformation of human experience led him to spend the next 7 years exploring physical and mind-body oriented practices that aim to expand the embodied experience through improved movement, body awareness, and overall health. His methods aim to produce greater strength, flexibility, ease of movement, neuromuscular control, improved athletic performance, and a deeper sense of awareness and connection throughout the body. Some of his influences include gymnastics, circus arts (specializing in hand-balancing), the Ido Portal Method, western somatic practices such as Continuum Movement and the work Moshe Feldenkrais, as well as principles and techniques from martial arts and modern dance. Joe works with his clients to achieve their goals, no matter where they are in their own process of transformation. He believes the most valuable things he has to teach come from his own embodied experience - the skills, physical attributes, and internal qualities of awareness and kinesthetic sensitivity that he has developed over the years. Email Joe here

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Based in White River Junction, Open Door has an integrated team of practitioners who will work with all aspects of your life in order to achieve lasting and measurable results. In order to achieve these results, Open Door offers a multitude of services, classes and workshops for individuals and organizations. Check out the Open Door Calendar for a detailed list of events and classes or browse the Open Door Website to find the services you need.

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