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BYOB + BYOBB = Earth Day Awesomeness

According to Smudgely Gort's timeless classic, Curious Advancements In the History of Grocery Bags, [1] a giant leap forward in the evolution of food shopping took place in the late 20th century with the bring-your-own-bag movement, or BYOB.

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After BYOB, no more would shoppers be bound by the dull, stodgy bags provided by a supermarket. Instead, shoppers en masse, especially those at food co-ops, brought their own bags. (Really cool canvas ones that looked great with Birkenstocks.)

The practice soon spread to big-box grocery stores, and BYOB became a widespread cultural phenomenon. From then on out, grocery shopping was not only more environmentally sustainable, it was also more colorful. Every checkout aisle was a veritable kaleidescope of fanciful food baggage.

Sadly, for many years, the practiced ended at the bulk department, where many shoppers were reluctant to bring their own bulk bags. But now, bag evolution is moving forward again. Join the bring-your-own-bulk-bag movement, or BYOBB. (BYOB + BYOBB = the wonder twins of sustainable shopping!) Your grocery store will appreciate it and your planet will, too.

Why Reusable Bulk Bags?

A winding Vermont road through a patch of small homes and sugar maples looks out over a pristine pond. The only blemish is along the pond’s banks, where plastic bags of all shapes and sizes have piled up in a spongy mass, bags that may take a thousand years to decompose.

Plastic bags are choking the planet and the wildlife that lives on it. Most bags end up in our fields and streams. A monolithic mass of plastic waste is even floating in the Pacific Ocean, a mass that grows larger each day. By 2050, there may be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans.

What Can You Do?

Anytime you switch from plastic to reusable bags, you're making a real difference. Try it this Earth Day. Shop our bulk department, save 15 percent, and bring your own bag! You can also look for our cool reusable bags, available in the bulk departments.



[1] Not available on Amazon. Or anywhere else.


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