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We caught up with Elena Taylor and Julie Sumanis to try to get a sense for when JUEL, their much-anticipated White River Junction juice-smoothie-coffee and more shop, will open. This is what we learned.

Construction continues. There's still a lot to be done. But they have the vibe and the layout all figured out. The vibe will be bright, airy and fresh. California meets White River. Lots of white and wood. Some splashes of color. They want you to want to order a smoothie on the coldest day in January. They've designed the layout to direct the traffic flow. There will be an ordering area, grab'n'go fridges, seating for 12, and a long standup counter. The ceilings are high with exposed infrastructutal elements. When the weather is good, there will be a landscaped outdoor seating area.

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JUEL will offer soups, salads, grain bowls and various coffee and other drinks. Some food will be made to order, like avocado toast, and there will be a large grab'n'go selection. Taylor and Sumanis are aiming to offer healthy food fast. They will source food locally to the extent possible, building on their  relationships with a number of local farms. The entire operation will be gluten-free. 

Taylor and Sumanis are exquisitely aware of the negatives associated with grab'n'go disposable vessels. To have compostable packaging or not? To encourage people to bring their own vessels or provide reusable ones? It's all still in the works. They are by design agile enough to adjust as necessary and desirable. Zero waste would be superlative.

What about the beloved JUEL trailer? Taylor and Sumanis plan to move the trailer around the Upper Valley to offer their selection of juices, smoothies and other treats at farmers' markets and events throughout the spring (if it ever gets here) and summer. They'll staff up to be able to operate the White River Junction location and still send the trailer out.

Taylor and Sumanis will also offer healthy skincare products, tinctures and herbal elixirs. They envision creating a brand that radiates health. Possibly in more than one location.

Stay tuned. This is going to be a hot spot.

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