Facets: Meet Miriam. Look out Carnegie Hall.

Meet Miriam. Look out Carnegie Hall.  

Miriam was born in Portland, Maine. Her family moved to West Lebanon before she turned 2. She has the vaguest memory of a cat from around that time. Whether it's a manufactured memory, she'll never know. When Miriam was 4, her family moved to Rome for 3 months. She went to an Italian school and then a British school. She fondly remembers the gelato. When Miriam was in 6th grade, her family moved to Etna. 

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Miriam has always - always - loved music and somehow understood it. When she was 3, she started violin and ballet lessons. Three years old! She started playing the piano when she was 6. She has had violin lessons on Sunday for as long as she can remember. (Well almost - after all, she still thinks she remembers that cat.) She's taken part in Opera North productions since the summer after 1st grade. She sang the title role in Opera North's 2016 production of Amahl and the Night Visitors. She joined the Vermont Youth Philharmonia when she was in 5th grade and the Vermont Youth Orchestra when she was in 8th grade. 

Miriam is in high school, where she competes on the math team. She still lives in Etna and she still takes violin lessons on Sundays. She just served as Concertmaster of  the Vermont Youth Orchestra at a performance in Burlington, and on Saturday she will play a violin solo at the Burlington Chamber Orchestra's season-closing concert. Miriam is 15. Look out Carnegie Hall.

If she had to play an instrument other than violin or piano it would be: cello

Favorite gelato flavor: mango

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