Facets: Meet Rob. He'd like you to hold the mozzarella, please.

Meet Rob. He'd like you to hold the mozzarella, please.  

Rob was born in Montpelier and grew up there with his 2 sisters. He played the sousaphone in a band in high school and participated in lots of musical festivals. He didn't have a favorite subject in school, and when he wasn't in school, his attention was mostly focused on cars. Rob loved cars. He managed to save up to buy an '84 Camaro. He liked to take his girlfriends out driving through the Vermont hills in that car.

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Rob's first job was as a gas attendant at Utton's Getty in Montpelier. After that he was a cashier at the Grand Union grocery store. He went to work for K-B Toys out of Harry's Department Store in Barre and moved to Berlin and eventually to Burlington as K-B Toys grew. He was the Manager of K-B Toys in the Burlington University Mall. That's where he met his wife - she was the Assistant Manager. When Rob left K-B Toys, he moved to Barre and sold ads for The World, a community newspaper, and delivered pizza for Domino's. His neighbor owned the Barre Domino's so he pretty much got to pick his delivery shifts.

Rob lives in Barre with his wife. They've been married for 27 years. She has MS and can't really get out much any longer, which breaks his heart. Rob's favorite things to do are to spend time with her and drive his Harley Davidson Road King when the weather permits. He still loves cars and is particularly proud of his Dodge Challenger. Rob is the director of human resources and marketing for a company that owns several pizza parlors. He's 55. 

Rob's Dodge Challenger

Place he'd most like to take his wife: Italy, because that's where she would want to go

Favorite pizza topping: provolone and asiago cheese with oregano, please hold the mozzarella

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